The main goal of FACT Ministries is to equip Christian believers with the knowledge of the Scriptures.  FACT Ministries is devoted to produce expository preaching episodes in the Farsi language, along with teaching series on biblical parenthood, Christian Marriage, Worship, and … Each episode will be available in three formats; video, audio, and pdf, for free download.

At FACT Ministries, we ask the Lord to bless the work of our hands to be used by any number of Farsi & Assyrian-speaking believers at any church/fellowship setting, to bring glory to our Triune God.

FACT Ministries is proud to thank SAT7PARS for graciously sponsoring and producing the above sermon series. These videos have been broadcast on this Christian Satellite channel.

May the Lord bless the programs SAT7PARS is producing for the edification of the Farsi-speaking Church of God.